* MZ-Riders of Finland, some notes about our annual meeting 2009 and lot of photos HERE!

* How to built IWL-choppet, Olli Niinikangas knows, read more from HERE!

* MZ-Riders Meeting in Finland, story and photos from HERE!

So – it´s time to make some kind of summary  about my experiences with this great, simple, economic and fun motorcycle. As you have read earlier I have owned many kinds of  MZ-models: MZ TS 250 (+sw)-76, TS 250/1 -78, TS 125 -75, ETZ 125 -93, ETZ 301 Kanuni -98, RT 125 -2002. They all have some kind of driwing experience or style, not very fast but the engine really bend. And they are very long-lasting. I drove with my TS 250 about 80 000 kilometers before I sell it out!


”On the way to Nordcap year 1981 with my first MZ TS 250”

It was one of my greates traveling experience – ten days on the way to Nordcap and back, about 2500 km. I have been told that it is very cold and rainy in Lapland and northen part of Norway. Byt not at that time: it was sunny and temperature was near 20 all the time.

In summer 1982 summer I drove with my girlfriend Arja  via Poland to Hungary and back.

On the road to Nordcap, sitting at the open fire


Waiting for gasolin in Poland

1. foto: At the open fire in Lapland on journey to Nordcap

2. foto: So manu Honda-drivers has jumped from this rocky in Nordcap

3. foto: Waiting for gasoline in Poland (summer 1982)

There is a good story about my first summer in blogroll  ”32 vuotta Mitsin sarvissa” – sorry only in finish! I try to translate it into english.

Finish MZ-driver Timo Grönberg has also MZ ETS 250!


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