Learning Riders to Amsterdam 2015

Easy Rider



We are performing the largest mobilisation of young team entrepreneurs in European history: Tiimiakatemia Learning Cirkus from Finland More than 100 team entrepreneurs and team coaches will leave our facility in April 2015.

It’s time to hit the road. We have found that no one will come to look for us here in Jyväskylä Finland. We are prisoners of our province, like many other companies and educational institutions operating in our area. There are some international activities and travelling of course. People travel to the world from Jyväskylä, and vice versa; Tiimiakatemia had more than one thousand visitors last year. But now we are raising the bar! We’ll visit hundreds of companies, factories, colleges and universities of Europe. More than 101 visits to businesses and factories around Europe. The aim of our trip is to participate in the 2st Global Meeting of Team Entrepreneurs, held in Amsterdam from 23. to 24. April 2015. We are the main coordinator of the event and responsible organiser. By plane, you’d be there already! This time, we have chosen land vehicles, however, because we want to travel along the landscape and get a genuine feel of the everyday life of different countries and busi-nesses. Each of us has agreed in advance and will complete 5-7 visits to businesses and institutions during the trip. One travelling team of Tiimiakatemia Learning Cirkus is Learning Riders The mission of this team is to Innovate by riding

The route of the Learning Riders will be: Jyväskylä – Turku – Stockholm – Trollhättan – Göteborg – Frederikshavn – Århus – Billund – Assen – Harlingen – AmsterdamKESKIVIIKKO
  • 15.4 lähtö Jyväskylästä klo 12:00 280km
  • Lautta Helsinki-Tukholma 17:00 perillä 9:30 (122€)
  • TORSTAI 16.4. Tukholma-Göteborg 481km
  • vierailu Saab-museossa ja tehtaalla
  • mahdollinen majoittuminen Hostelliin
  • lautta Göteborg-Frederikshavn klo 18.15-21.45 (27€)
  • yöpyminen Frederikhavn merenranta Camping-mökki n. 15€/hlö
  • PERJANTAI 17.4. Frederikshavn-Århus 182km
  • vierailu Kaos Pilots, illanvietto ja yöpyminen
  • Majoittuminen Hostelliin n. 35€/hlö
  • LAUANTAI 18.4. Århus-Billun 100km
  • Tutustuminen Legoland/Lego ja illanvietto, yöpyminen
  • Majoittuminen Trøgelborg Farm Holiday n. 20€/hlo
  • SUNNUNTAI 19.4. Billund-Itzehoe (Saksa) 251km
  • yöpyminen Itzehoe
  • MAANANTAI 20.4. Itzehoe-Gluckstad-Wischhafen (lautta)-Groningen 273km
  • yöpyminen Groningen
  • TIISTAI 21.4. Groningen-Harlingen-Amsterdam 205km

Total 1772km


  • LAUANTAI 25.4. Amsterdam-Bremen-Travemunde 550km
  • Lautta lähtee yöllä 03:00, perillä maanantai-aamuna klo 9:30



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