MZ-tuning, how to do?

I was reading old Big Bike – magazines (from US)  and found one good example how you can tune your MZ. Sorry, in USA there is not many MZs so our examble is Yankee!  HELLO…this is also 2-stroker Yankee, not HD!



Please remember, this article is from Big Bike number of february year 1974!   Do you know something about motorcycle name of Yankee. It´s not very common in Europe. So I read the article and learned, that Yankee had something to do with spanish Ossa (six speed gear box).  And the main issue of Yankee was manufactoring dirtbikes.  They compared Yankee to Kawasaki (mach III), motor is same size (500 cc), almost same horsepower (58/55). This has been a very powerfull bike!!!

What kind of  idea did you get? Look at the colors and style.  Maybe you can copy it and tune your MZ  ETZ…

And of corse visit web-sites of  Hungarian-made motorcycles!


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