MZ-tuning, how to do?

I was reading old Big Bike – magazines (from US)  and found one good example how you can tune your MZ. Sorry, in USA there is not many MZs so our examble is Yankee!  HELLO…this is also 2-stroker Yankee, not HD!



Please remember, this article is from Big Bike number of february year 1974!   Do you know something about motorcycle name of Yankee. It´s not very common in Europe. So I read the article and learned, that Yankee had something to do with spanish Ossa (six speed gear box).  And the main issue of Yankee was manufactoring dirtbikes.  They compared Yankee to Kawasaki (mach III), motor is same size (500 cc), almost same horsepower (58/55). This has been a very powerfull bike!!!

What kind of  idea did you get? Look at the colors and style.  Maybe you can copy it and tune your MZ  ETZ…

And of corse visit web-sites of  Hungarian-made motorcycles!

17th International MZ-meeting in Finland 12.-14.6.09

17th International MZ-meeting
will take place 12. – 14.6. 2009
in Sinervä Camping Area, Leiritie 15, Multia, Finland


Take a tent or reserve one of 36 beds in cabins for 2, 4 or 6 sleepers
Reservations: Mauri Koppelomäki +358 400 237373
There will be sauna bath for all of us to use.

Multia lies in central Finland, 60 km northwest from Jyväskylä,
in crossing of road number 18 (Jyväskylä – Vaasa) and road 58 (Kangasala – Kärsämäki)

More information also via e-mail

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My wife with her MZ

girl_with_mzThis is a photo of my wife with her MZ TS 250/1. I bouthg this MZ in year 1982 after our trip to Europe. Arja is almost only women in Finland driving MZ and I am very proud of it.

We have driven many years together and everything has gone well – no accidents. Also our journeys in Europe has been succesfully. Do you know other MZ ladies?


My litlle sister eating icegream and dog traveling  in the sidecar, summer 1979!


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* How to built IWL-choppet, Olli Niinikangas knows, read more from HERE!

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So – it´s time to make some kind of summary  about my experiences with this great, simple, economic and fun motorcycle. As you have read earlier I have owned many kinds of  MZ-models: MZ TS 250 (+sw)-76, TS 250/1 -78, TS 125 -75, ETZ 125 -93, ETZ 301 Kanuni -98, RT 125 -2002. They all have some kind of driwing experience or style, not very fast but the engine really bend. And they are very long-lasting. I drove with my TS 250 about 80 000 kilometers before I sell it out!


”On the way to Nordcap year 1981 with my first MZ TS 250”

It was one of my greates traveling experience – ten days on the way to Nordcap and back, about 2500 km. I have been told that it is very cold and rainy in Lapland and northen part of Norway. Byt not at that time: it was sunny and temperature was near 20 all the time.

In summer 1982 summer I drove with my girlfriend Arja  via Poland to Hungary and back.

On the road to Nordcap, sitting at the open fire


Waiting for gasolin in Poland

1. foto: At the open fire in Lapland on journey to Nordcap

2. foto: So manu Honda-drivers has jumped from this rocky in Nordcap

3. foto: Waiting for gasoline in Poland (summer 1982)

There is a good story about my first summer in blogroll  ”32 vuotta Mitsin sarvissa” – sorry only in finish! I try to translate it into english.

Finish MZ-driver Timo Grönberg has also MZ ETS 250!

My son Ilkka has a nice MZ RT 125


We bought to my son Ilkka used MZ RT 125 year model 2002.  It was cheap, nice and it´s working!  (Has been driven 12 000km).  We have also bought some tuning parts. Ilkka don´t have a driving licence yet, but will have it in may (if  he doesn´t  fail  the testdrive). We have a plan to drive Lofoten (Norway) next summer. As you can notice from the pictures, we have not painted the tuning parts yet.