Project MZ Kanuni goes on…..

My own project MZ ETZ 301 Kanuni goes on. My friend Olli Niinikangas made me new mudguards from old TS-model. They are waiting for painting and finishing. This project has last nearly two years and it was very difficult to find all missing parts from my garrage. But now I have found them all. Where is the motor?


I have noticed that the quality on Turkish Kanuni is not the same as the DDR-made models. For example the plastic parts are terrible. You must remember that in DDR models are almost handmade ones! They had so old tools and machines at that time so everything must be finished by hand.

My friend Olli Niinikangas is working with his project IWL scooter SR 59. This is not a restoration-project, he is making IWL shopper! You´ll se, this is  something terrible!


2 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Project MZ Kanuni goes on…..

  1. daniel

    Ich lebe in den Vereinigten Staaten, ich bin zur Behebung MZ ETZ 301 Kanuni, aber ich habe große Schwierigkeiten bei der Suche nach Teilen, wenn ich könnte bitte sagen, wo concigo Teile würde es begrüßen, contartese mir Dank, und sorry für die Ich mache die Übersetzung von Google
    I live in United States, I am putting an MZ ETZ 301 kanuni, but I have great difficulty in finding parts, please if you could tell me where I find parts I would appreciate a lot, contart me thanks, and sorry for the I am doing the translation by google


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