25. International MZ-Meeting in Finland 16.- 18. June 2017


Do you have plans for the summer? Come to Finland! We organize a great MZ-meeting in a small town Keuruu in the middle of Finland. Time is 16.-18. June. For more information about our meeting, write to lehtotim@gmail.com.


Friday 16.6.

  • 12:00 Reception will be opened, 1. meeting of International MZ jury
  • 16:00 Self-financed dinner or pizza
  • 17:00 Optional evening ride
  • 19:00 Time to go sauna!
  • 21:00 1. MZ-riders meeting, annunciaton of the next day’s program

Saturday 17.6.

  • 08:00-09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 2. meeting of International MZ jury
  • 10:30 MZ-riders meeting, route of the day-run and directions
  • 11:00 Start to Honecker day-run
  • 12:30 Afternoon coffee and tea, visite to Haapamäki Steamlokomotive Park
  • 14:30 Return to MZ-Camping Place
  • 16:00 Our Club´s 25. years Celebration dinner
  • 17:00 3. Meeting of International MZ jury18:00 It´s very hot in Sauna
  • 20:00 Grand ”Gala” of MZ-riders Finland

Sunday 18.6.

  • 08:00-09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:15 Reflektions and feedback discussions of Internation Jury and MZ-riders
  • 12:00 Time to say goodbuy

The entry fee of 40 € includes:

  • 2 x breakfast
  • 1 x dinner
  • tent x 2 days
  • saunas Friday and Saturday
  • MZ-riders of Finland is 25 year old motor club, and we have about 100 members. We drive all ages MZ-motorcycles: veteran motorcycles and also four-stroke models such as MZ-baghira and Scorpion. The most common models seems to be TS250, ETZ250/251 and Kanuni 301. We have also a number of MZ´s with a sidecar.
  • Where on earth is the Keuruu?


Keuruu is a little town about 300 kilometres from the capital Helsinki, approximately 125 kilometres from Tampere and some 55 kilometres from the centre of Jyväskylä.

Keuruu’s urban centre is built on four islands, and therefore our town is surrounded by the clean Keurusselkä lake. Our municipality has over three hundred lakes, offering good opportunities for boating, fishing and swimming in the summer. In the winter, it is possible to ski and skate, or swim in our spa-like swimming centre.


Nyyssäniemi is a camping site in Central Finland within a walking distance from central Keuruu. Apart from being on the beach, you can also enjoy staying in a cottage, tent or park in one of our caravan pitches. In Nyyssänniemi you can find 22 cottages and 32 caravan pitches with electricity. There is also plenty of room for camping close to the lakeside nature.

nyyssanniemi_majoitus4Welcome to Nyyssänniemi to relax and enjoy the summer!

Pizza now available in our restaurant. Mini Golf course (9 holes). Frisbee course (9 holes). Now mild alcoholic beverages available. Terraces on the camping ground

Yksi kommentti artikkeliin ”25. International MZ-Meeting in Finland 16.- 18. June 2017

  1. petri heinonen

    Tervetuloa Keuruulle, Keuruulla hienoja paikkoja kierrellä pyörällä,, Keuruulta, Heinäsen tien kautta >Haapamäki > höyryveturipuisto
    tästä Riihon > Himmanmän näkötornille,, sieltä pikkuteitä > Pihlajavedelle Pihlajaveden vanhakirkko / Virransilta, täältä Pihlajaveden kauppalaan kahville ja lenkki Simsiön kautta takaisin Keruulle Nyyssänniemeen,, tässä yksi esimerkki,,,eikä pitkä olen Keurusselän kiertokaan ja tutustuminen Serlaciuksen taidemuseoon,,tiet vain hiukan yksitotisia ajella,,


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