What is the best MZ-model?


It´s a great question. I have been driving MZ´s since 1976, and my first was TS 250, four gear small tired model from year 1976. It was funny, sheap and ready for a sidecar.  So the first and most important reason to by MZ was lack of big money. By working in my fathers little grocery, I was apply to spare moneys for the sidecar also (bought in year -78).

The model TS 250/1 was much more better. I bought it to my girlfriend Arja in year 1981. It has nice five speed gearbox, bigger frontwheel (18 inch) and also never working tachometer. And color of darkblue was great.

Can they produce MZ´s in Turkey? Yes, they can. I bought MZ Kanuni 301 last year and right now it´s in small parts on my garrages floor.


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